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Our Company

Nalla Brazil is a company that operates in 3 areas: telecommunication, distribution, and lighting to LED. 100% Brazilian founded in 2010. Strategically headquartered in Cajamar (Alphaville region.) 15km from the Marginal Tiete. Nalla is active in the import and export of telecommunication equipment and technology for three distinct market sectors with 100% national capital. A global company that buys and sells in a large and competitive market.

Nalla Brazil wants to stay ahead of not only good customer service and product quality, but also in respect to human beings and the environment. We value the total satisfaction of our partners. Acting ethically is part of our work philosophy.


  • Responsibility, Ethics and Appreciation
    Aligned ethics with responsibility is one of our company’s triumphs. We believe that success can only be achieved through respect for human beings and the environment.
  • Quality, Duty and Incumbency
    We are fully committed to the quality of product expected by our customers.
  • Affection and Positivity
    We face any circumstance with positive attitude because we are passionate about what we do.
  • Flexibility and Dynamism Bravery
    Applying ourselves to tasks is in our DNA. We act quickly, and take pride in our ability to innovate.


Our mission is to keep us a reference in the distribution of telecommunications equipment and technology.


We always want to be referenced in the area of import and export telecommunication and technology equipment. Being an innovative company which anticipates trends, attracts and develops the best employees, we strive to be integrated and rooted in the regions where we operate.