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Nalla Brazil provides network managed services including spare parts management, field maintenance, technical warehousing, logistics management, integration and optimization with customized cloud-based reporting tools. Our company is fully aligned to the telecommunication market, combining flexibility, competitive prices and technical skills. Our commitment to excellence in service delivery and customer service is proven in a range of markets and services.

Nalla prioritizes the market according to trends and demands; we are always improving ourselves to bring quality and innovation to our clients. Our service philosophy is based on three platforms: professionalism, expertise, and service.

Professionalism; today we have a structured staff to attend the entire market (fixed, mobile, voice and data), including new and renovated inventory. Fully aware of our duty, Nalla shows opportunities to business by offering efficient delivery and competitive prices.

Expertise; market experience shows successful cases where we upgraded according to our clients� needs.

Service; we are responsible in suit with ethics, honesty and fairness. Thus we construct the root that sustains our credibility and efficiency.

Nalla Brazil provides directly and indirectly for the major carriers and brokers in the world market.


Specialist products and lighting design using LED technology; Nalla LED stands out as a quality benchmark, speed and efficiency. Through innovative solutions Nalla LED develop and implement a variety of projects for all companies’ sizes anywhere in Brazil. We provide an advanced technology in order to protect the economy and the environment.

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Nalla Distribution

Nalla Brazil operates in the distribution accessories segment to smart phones as IPhone (Apple) and Galaxy (Samsung). We have full line of USB chargers, vehicular, wireless, headphones, Bluetooth speakers, backpack with built-in charger, cover protective, films protective, chargers and sync cables, brackets and auxiliary batteries. Our line emphasizes design and quality.